A special day in NYC!

It is not every day that one gets to fly to NYC from Germany just for a photo shoot. It sounds like a dream… and it was! Oh I still need to be pinched and make sure it was real!!!

This is Melina, a fellow photographer who lives in New York. We connected via Facebook a few years ago and we simply admire each other’s work. Last Fall, when she was expecting her third child, her first boy, she asked me to come to her and capture them together. She had seen my breastfeeding images and she really wanted me to capture that special moment with her son. How could I say no?

I had been following her work for a while and knew she had two adorable daughters, and I knew I would want to capture them too. So what started as a breastfeeding photo shoot ended up being a mix of many things. Breastfeeding, tandem breastfeeding, family, siblings, girls dancing… we simply had hours of fun!

We found the most perfect rental place we could have asked for. A huge studio in Brooklyn in some old building in a former industrial area. The floor and walls were all white and it had huge windows with the NYC skyline in the background. I could not have imagined a more perfect place! We were even blessed with a gorgeous sunset, and we had the girls dancing with the sun behind them. It was simply perfect, all of it.

I only met them for a few hours, but I can tell you Melina and her husband, Justin, are super dedicated to her children. They are sweet and caring and the results are shown on her children. The girls are so adorable and well behaved, I seriously wanted to take them home with me!

It was a fantastic experience, and I am so happy I got to meet Melina and capture these moments for them. I can only hope she can do the same for me in the future!

Now here are some of my favorite photos… there are so, so many I love!


tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family372tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family373tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family374tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family480tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family444 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family479tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family488 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family486 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family376tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family485 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family484tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family482 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family377tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family489 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family493tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family445tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family491 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family490