Breastfeeding Baby E, 7 months old

Before this day, I had never thought breastfeeding was so beautiful. Not that I thought it wasn’t, I just had never thought about it. I realized what a special moment it is, a precious and unrepeatable moment between a mother and her child. A moment that lasts for a few months and then it’s gone, you can’t get it back, you won’t do that again. That connection with your child happens only once.

I went to the beach with my best friend and her baby. We were sitting in the sand, then she stood to feed him and I could not believe how beautiful that looked. Golden light behind them and a soft breeze… it looked breathtaking. The soundtrack to that perfect image was the sound of the waves and it seemed to transport me to a peaceful place. I had to grab my camera and capture what I was witnessing. And I was not disappointed. I will never forget that moment, and now I have photos to look at and come back to that memory.

Don’t miss the chance to be photographed with your baby while you are breastfeeding. I can assure you that you will both treasure this for years to come…

tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family64tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family284 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family285 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family286 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family287 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family288 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family289 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family290