Breastfeeding Baby F, 5 months old

I cannot begin to explain what breastfeeding photography is doing to my soul. I haven’t been moved so deeply by an art project in a very long time. This was my second breastfeeding photo shoot and the feeling I experienced while shooting was indescribable. I am aware that for whoever is ‘posing’ it just looks like I’m behind the camera looking for angles and paying attention to the light. I am doing this, of course, but I am also being overwhelmed by the moments I am capturing. What I see when I photograph a mom nursing her child, is a goddess doing the most natural thing. You can feel the love and connection between the mom and her baby floating in the air. It is as though time freezes for me and I am witnessing a miracle. Breastfeeding a baby is something moms do daily and as a part of a routine. It’s normal for them, it happens among a dozen other things that they do each day, it’s ordinary. But what women often forget, is that that ordinary moment, is actually extraordinary. And it should be captured as such.

Meet the stunning T. with her 6 month old baby boy F. My heart opened up to them the moment we met and I could not wait to grab my camera and start shooting. I had aimed for golden light and it got really cloudy all of a sudden, so I only got a few shots. Then it got very windy and I was worried about having her hair on her face all the time. Then I realized I loved her messy hair, it was adding so much texture and mood to the images. Baby F. was such a delight to photograph… while he was focusing on eating, he was also a pro and made sure to give me some adorable smiles.

I am so happy that I got to capture these memories for them. I froze the time when he was that tiny and fit in his mom’s arms, that moment his tiny little hands would rest on mom’s chest, that moment where they looked at each other and smiled.

Don’t let this precious time in your life go by without having it photographed. You and your baby will cherish those memories forever…