Breastfeeding Baby N, 6 months old

This is a very special session for me, since it was my first attempt at breastfeeding photography. Well, technically it was my second time, but the first one was not planned and it happened ‘by accident’. My best friend and I were at the beach, and she started nursing her baby boy as the most beautiful sunset was painting the sky in the background. I had my camera next to me and I just couldn’t help it and started making photos. After that, I realized I had really enjoyed doing it and I was in love with the results. Was this something for me? Did I find something I’m passionate about just ‘by accident’? I had to give it a try. 

I am based in Munich, Germany, but often travel to Norway because it is where my husband’s family lives. We were there last week for the Easter break. My sister in law has kids and I know that people with kids know other people with kids. So I asked her if she knew anyone who was nursing her baby and to ask her if she would be willing to be my model for me to practice and build my breastfeeding portfolio. She had people in line within minutes. I had to cancel some due to bad weather, but I was happy that I was able to do two breastfeeding sessions, one with a baby girl and one with a baby boy. 

These ladies were simply perfect. Mom was super excited about this shoot and she was really positive and helpful from the very beginning. She’s a local photographer, and shooting fellow photographers always makes me a little bit more nervous since I don’t know what they will think about my photos. On the other hand, it is also more relaxing because they have ideas on how to pose, where to stand according to where the light is, and that patience is required!

Baby N, 7 months old, was so good during the shoot. She didn’t cry once and gave me the cutest smiles. Her biggest sister, little A, 3 years old, was the most cooperative little girl I’ve ever met. She was so sweet with her baby sister, hugged her, gave her kisses and cuddles.

I cannot wait to start editing the other session and to book further photo shoots, I simply love capturing these unique moments between a mom and her baby. They grow so fast and you won’t ever get a chance to live that experience again. So if you’re nursing your child, go hire a photographer to make your memories last forever.

I posted one of the baby’s smiling photos (the first one here) on Facebook this week and it went viral. People started liking it, commenting on it, sharing it, other pages and blogs have shared it, it was even featured on a blog as their weekly favorite. Some people told me they were inspired by this photo and would give breastfeeding photography a try as well. I was not expecting that kind of response. When you do it from your heart… others notice it.

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