Breastfeeding little F, 16 months old

”My little girl is 16 months old and she is weaning little by little. Before it’s too late, I would love to have photos of me breastfeeding her to treasure the memories forever.” – wrote the Mom when she contacted me. Yes, that’s when I come in! We agreed on all the goals for the session and we both loved the idea of doing it indoors with the sunlight coming in. She told me a friend of hers lives in an amazing place with huge windows and with fantastic natural light all morning… sent me snap shots and I thought it was too good to be true!!!

So we met early in a sunny morning, went to her friend’s place, moved a lot of furniture around so we could have free space, and we started. Little F started eating right away and it did not take long at all for this session! We tried different spots and poses and I loved seeing how they were both lost in their own world, while a golden aura surrounded them… mother and child moments are my favorite to capture!

tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family265tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family264 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family263 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family261 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family260