Breastfeeding little J, 20 months old

Mom wanted a Breastfeeding session that was all about him and details in general. Little J is a very smiley boy and he would look at me all the time and smile… letting Mommy’s nipple show! So I had to be very patient, even hide for a while so he would try to forget I was around. And when that happened, it was magical. He completely connected with his mom and I was able to capture their most intimate moments!

tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family311 tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family310  tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family308tammy-nicole-photography-newborn-baby-maternity-breastfeeding-english-espanol-munich-family309