I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now I live in Munich, Germany, I am happily married and we have the most wonderful 1 year old boy. Besides being a full-time photographer, I am also a nature enthusiast, a traveler, I love my family and I treasure all the little details of life. I love being outdoors and embed myself in natural surroundings as much as I love a lazy day at home on the couch with my weakness: chocolate and coffee!
I worked as a teacher for over a decade in three different continents, which has taught me a lot about working with children and parents... a very useful skill to have now as a family photographer!
I love art in general and working with young children, which brought me to open my own art school for children when I lived in Australia. I enjoyed every minute of seeing the kids learn about artists and painting techniques!
I also love music. I like listening to it, I like singing it, and I like dancing to it!


My philosophy on client service relies on creating beautiful friendships with all of my customers that go beyond the day of our session. I am focused on providing the best possible service to my clients. After you contact me, I will make sure to have you as a priority and I will contact you back as soon as I can. I will assist you in planning your photo session by giving you ideas and suggestions based on my experience. On the day of the shoot I will capture every moment with my artistic vision, and your photos will be an artistic product worthy of the Tammy Nicole Photography brand.

I believe that by hiring me, my clients deserve my professional creative vision and technological expertise to create art for them. In order to achieve this, I use a professional camera, I have the latest updates of the editing software, and I often participate in workshops to deepen my knowledge. As an artist, I will create by having a deep understanding of artistic theory, but I will also create by being moved and touched by feelings, watching and appreciating the connection between your family members.


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