Beautiful Momma in a magical place

I remember when Leigh told me she was pregnant back in Spring. Before I could shout out ‘Congratulations!’, my mind shouted ‘YES, EPIC PHOTO SHOOT’. During the following months, my head kept spinning thinking of which location would be the most perfect choice. When this waterfall spot finally popped into my head, I simply couldn’t think of anything else.

When we got closer to the date, we were both fighting bugs in our homes, not feeling up for anything, the weather was not cooperating, and I slowly started to get unmotivated with the idea. But I am so happy this worked out… one day we both got up and all the stars were aligned and we just went for it!

She was 37 weeks pregnant, the temperature was -5 Celsius, she was wearing a gorgeous designer dress, and she simply rocked her shoot. She did not complain once about being cold, or getting wet, or having to walk through slippery stones. Oh – the husband obeyed as well!

I am thrilled with the results and I am sure hoping more expecting moms agree to go to locations like this one for their photo shoot! Which one is your favorite?