New Website!

October 20, 2015 News! 0 Comments

I can still remember making my first website three years ago. By ‘making’ I mean choosing themes and mostly making requests, since all the real and hard work was being done by an amazing man, who I now call my husband. He is in the IT business and has done everything on my site all these years, I would seriously be lost without him! During this time I have had 2 different themes, with a different look-and-feel, different sliders to show my portfolio and some other details.

But technology keeps on going ahead with its fast evolution and there were many things that were starting to be outdated with my former website. The main issue was that it was not mobile-friendly, so browsing from your phone or tablet was not easy. To achieve a complete new look, we decided that starting a new website from scratch was the best option.

But… I had no clue how much work it would take! We both have full-time jobs so designing was a matter of spending time in the evenings and weekends on it, hence the long time it took to be up and running.

So here it is, the official launch of this new website, which has a lot more than the one before and it is much more dynamic. I still need some time to catch up with new and old blog posts, so bare with me on that. There are also some tweaks and details to be fixed and added. But this is normal for a website, there are small changes to be made on a regular basis… but this is the start of it. I hope you enjoy it!