Besides being a full-time photographer, I am also a nature enthusiast, a traveler, I love my family and I treasure all the little details of life. I love being outdoors and embed myself in natural surroundings as much as I love a lazy day at home on the couch with my weakness: chocolate and coffee!
I worked as a teacher for over a decade in three different continents, which has taught me a lot about working with children and parents... a very useful skill to have now as a family photographer!
I love art in general and working with young children, which brought me to open my own art school for children when I lived in Australia. I enjoyed every minute of seeing the kids learn about artists and painting techniques!
I also love music. I like listening to it, I like singing it, and I like dancing to it!


I have a unique style of photography, which is a combination of natural, dreamy, ethereal, soft, raw and emotive imagery. The photos I create tell a story and evoke feelings. Some times a photo can be perfect in its composition, sharpness, and all other technicalities. However, I do see beauty in photos that are out of focus and grainy, or that have a creative cropping, or create a special feeling with an extraordinary light.

There are 2 specific types of photos that I love: Raw, grainy and emotive black and whites, and soft golden sunset light. As for the post-processing, I tend to choose a natural and raw feeling to it,.

I will guide you through what to wear, but my style is very simple: I want you to be comfortable. I insist on you not wearing matching outfits as this does not look natural and therefore does not fit my style. I may make posed and traditional photos for the first few minutes of the session, but after that I want you to loosen up, have fun, enjoy the moment and show me who you are as a family. I will focus on connections and feelings, since capturing emotions is part of my personal style.


My philosophy on client service relies on creating beautiful friendships with all of my customers that go beyond the day of our session. I am focused on providing the best possible service to my clients. After you contact me, I will make sure to have you as a priority and I will contact you back as soon as I can. I will assist you in planning your photo session by giving you ideas and suggestions based on my experience. On the day of the shoot I will capture every moment with my artistic vision, and your photos will be an artistic product worthy of the Tammy Nicole Photography brand.

I believe that by hiring me, my clients deserve my professional creative vision and technological expertise to create art for them. In order to achieve this, I use a professional camera, I have the latest updates of the editing software, and I often participate in workshops to deepen my knowledge. As an artist, I will create by having a deep understanding of artistic theory, but I will also create by being moved and touched by feelings, watching and appreciating the connection between your family members.


As an international photographer, not only am I happy to travel to capture your memories, but I am also able to speak different languages during the photo sessions. I speak fluent Spanish, English and Catalan. I also speak some German and I am currently learning Norwegian.

Why do I speak those languages?
> Spanish: I was born and raised in Argentina.
> English: I went to a bilingual preschool and primary school and studied it privately as well.
> Catalan: I lived in Barcelona (Catalunya) for 5 years.
> German: I have been living in Germany for the past 3 years.
> (Learning) Norwegian: my husband is from Norway.

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